I founded fam.fun.yoga to combine my love of yoga with my commitment to family and my passion for the outdoors.


As a parent, I understand that everyday distractions get in the way of being present and connecting with your child.  It's my mission to create opportunities for you and your child to move together, breathe together and play together - truly enjoying each others company while connecting with the natural world around you.

Our bay area tot + parent yoga classes, outdoor adventures and family retreats provide guided play and exploration to deepen your connection with your child, family, and self. 

With gratitude,

Denisse Jones

founder, famfunyoga


Our specialized programs are designed with child development and family bonding in mind.

Yoga builds confidence, increases physical strength, and creates a habit of mindfulness.  Spending time outdoors calms the nervous system and cultivates an appreciation for nature.  We combine the two to give you and your family the best of both worlds.


We believe kids are natural yogis.  They live in the present moment. They remind us to stay curious and be our authentic selves.  In our classes and events we invite parents to follow their lead through play and see where they lead us.

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